This Week at Pot Duggans - Pot Duggans

This Week at Pot Duggans

Everyone have that summer feeling now? It’s about time we see a bit of sun. So this week we’ve got free dinners for all the Oisins & Orlas out there. Every Tuesday we’ll pick different names to win a dinner on the house at Pot Duggans… so let all your mates know, food is served Thurs- Sun 12-4pm / 5-9pm more info here

We’ve got our board games down and ready to be bashed out, just ask at the bar, we’ve broken out all our retros check them out>>>  Connect 4, Timber, Scrablle, 30 Seconds + many more to keep ya going for the night 😉

Friday’s can only mean one thing at Pot Duggans and that’s QUIZ NIGHT. Every Friday is Quiz Friday with our Quizmaster Enda, it’s free to participate and the winners get a round of drinks on the house… kick off at 9.30pm

You can check out what’s happening at Pot Duggans here 

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