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Screening – Raving Iran Review

That was our first time screening a movie in our barns. How did we do? Pretty fricken good.

As we said before, it’s like being at the cinema… but better 😉
The dark barns projected the film perfectly making it very visible to see. The sound worked well too, when people stopped munching on their popcorn and slurping their drinks.

We had a good enough turnout, about 15 people showed up. We had only advertised the screening a week before. When organising our gigs, we know the importance of promoting events weeks in advance, to get the people talking and planning. This is something we missed while going ahead with the screening. But we’ve learned from this.

The documentary itself was very good. It’s one of Pot Duggans all time favourite. And it’s just the first up in the series of our movie nights. Big thanks to everyone who came down and watched Raving Iran with us, here’s to many more movie nights at Pot Duggans. More info on these coming soon

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